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 Actresses: Alexis Bledel  Actresses: Melissa McCarthy  Characters: Lane Kim  Characters: Logan Huntzberger  Characters: Sookie St. James  Episodes: 2x13 - A-tisket, A-tasket  Relationships: Rory & Logan  TV Show: Veronica Mars  TV Shows  TV Shows: Battlestar Galactica  TV Shows: Boy Meets World  TV Shows: Breaking Bad  TV Shows: Charmed  TV Shows: Community  TV Shows: Degrassi Junior High  TV Shows: Friends  TV Shows: Fringe  TV Shows: Gilmore Girls: Season 3  TV Shows: Gilmore Girls: Season 4  TV Shows: Gilmore Girls: Season 5  TV Shows: Gilmore Girls: Season 7  TV Shows: Grey's Anatomy  TV Shows: Jericho  TV Shows: Lost  TV Shows: NCIS  TV Shows: The Wonder Years  TV Shows: Veronica Mars  TV Shows: Veronica Mars: Season 1

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